We are very excited that building has started on our beautiful south facing site (S6 4TS) in Wisewood on the edge of the Loxley Valley in North West Sheffield. It is close to the many amenities of Hillsborough and has public transport links into Hillsborough and the town centre Take a look at this video of the site, taken before construction started and check out The Story of the Build for the latest photos of progress. And here is a video of progress by July 2023.

We are working in partnership with Oakworth Homes . After gaining planning permission in April we completed the complicated transfer of the leasehold on the land from Sheffield City Council and from Oakworth Homes in November 2022. We have a signed a build contract with Oakworth Homes and building work started in December 2022. Liaison with local community residents and representatives to try to minimise the impact of disruption caused by the build is ongoing.

The artists impressions of street views of the site on this page are as sent to Sheffield City Council Planning Department in January 2022.

Entrance View of Fiver Rivers Development Wisewood featuring the Common House

And here is a video of the real thing taken from the field below in July 2023

We are building 22 units, ranging from 1 and 2 bed apartments to 2 and 3 bed houses, notably a substantial Common House with space to meet and socialise as well as a laundry and guest bedrooms. All will be built to high environmental standards. Outside shared space will include communal growing areas, wildlife friendly spaces, bike sheds and play areas. Our aim is to have as few cars as possible. We are expecting our members to actively explore car sharing, use of bikes and public transport . We are already engaging positively with the local community by getting involved in local initiatives and campaigns. Though it will be temporarily closed for health and safety reasons during the construction period we fully respect and will be enhancing the public rights of way across the site and would love to be involved in helping to maintain the public space to the south. Units may be available to rent or to buy.

Street Scene from the rear showing flats, houses, Common House and wildlife area

Here is the plan of the layout of the buildings on the site showing the postal addresses for the flats and houses

Click here for a plan of the location of the site

Email us to find out more about what is available and how much it might cost.