We are a group of mostly Sheffield residents working on an eco-friendly and sustainable cohousing project in Sheffield. We have purchased a leasehold on our site from Sheffield City Council and signed a build contract with Oakworth Homes. Construction work started in December 2022 and is due for completion in December 2023.

We would love to be in contact with you about what we are doing as we are still recruiting for our final remaining unit! Please check out the Join Us and Our Site pages on this website and email us for a detailed Information Pack about our vision, history, current membership, constitution and latest news. Learn more about Cohousing on our Cohousing page.

We have a rapidly growing membership as we gradually sell our units. As of July 2023, our core group has expanded to adults and children with ages ranging from two to the late seventies (with a few new babies on the way!). Households consist of families, couples and single people, some retired, some working part time, full time or freelance. We are excited to report that Share Instead, a well established local housing coop, will be part of our project, enabling us to offer three apartments for rental.

Find out more about us from our Members Statements and our General Publicity Leaflet and then email us so we can arranged to talk to you on line or in person.

Our Information Pack contains:

Our Mission Statement

Members Statements – awaiting updates

General design brief for project developers

Our company constitution

Our history:

Our Annual Report for 2022

Our Annual Report for 2021

The Story So Far – a summary of activity from early 2012 to July 2021

We are committed to our housing and development being as sustainable as possible:

Five Rivers Sustainability Policy

To find out more about what cohousing is and what it involves the most comprehensive place to start is the UK Cohousing Network