We have no interest in being a rule bound community but we do want to make it easy for us to be good neighbours within the project and to be active and positive members of the local community in Wisewood. We are in the process of drafting a number of agreements and policies to assist this, as informed by the experiences of existing cohousing communities. In all cases there will be the opportunity to review and ratify these as the community grows. We will operate within a context of fairness and a commitment to the health and well being of all our members.

Living well with each other

As we work together on developing them, any policies, agreements or tenancy rules will appear here once agreed. We are looking at models of decision making which enable everyone’s voice to be heard.


Transport Policy and Strategy

Sustainable Living Policy

Recruitment Policy

Community Agreements:

Pets and Companion Animals

Living well with our neighbours in the local area

We are already doing our best to keep in touch with neighbours in the local area. We are aware of the disruption and inconvenience that will be caused through the course of the build and will organise meetings for local residents and stakeholders to give them an opportunity to raise concerns with us. Our first drop in session included the construction company and was on Saturday 10 December. We are grateful to the local T.A.R.A for hosting this meeting and providing refreshments – More Drop Ins to meet us were held regularly at the RIVA cafe nearby.

Five Rivers Members meet future neighbours as well as enquirers interested in joining the project

Or you can contact us by text or email to be kept in touch.

Community Engagement Strategy and Plan

We are in touch with councillors , residents associations. and projects such as the planned community garden and Loxley Community Farm. We have organised on site meetings and letter drops in the neighbouring streets to explain who we are and how to contact us. We have attended local community events such as the opening of the new playground for Wisewood. We are active members of the campaign to restore local bus services.

Update for neighbours

Caring for the local environment

We are committed to caring for our environment both on site and immediately around us. We will respect the ecology survey completed in relation to our planning application and already have plans for attracting and protecting local wildlife. We are already participants in local litter picking campaigns, tree planting and the nearest community garden. We are consulting local and Council representatives regularly .