December 2023

Our build is nearing completion with landscaping being done around the houses and our air source heat pumps being installed!

August 2023

July 2023

And at the end of July 2023 here’s a video of what the site looks like from the field below

With the support of Sheffield Swift Network we have now managed to fit swift bricks on the gable ends of our terraces!

End terrace house with swift bricks.
Zoomed in view of swift bricks.

June 2023

Work has been proceeding very fast – we have been too busy making decisions on various parts of the build to take and upload many photos. But the buildings are there and excitingly real!

May 2023

By mid May , the apartments are weather proof and first fit and plastering are moving along quickly. All the houses now have a roof, and the interior of the Common House is being constructed very quickly.

Serving hatch in Common House kitchen
Flats 21 and 22 from upstairs in the Common House

Common House upstairs

April 2023

Progress has been rapid on the apartment block, the first range of houses, the Common House and the next range of houses. Some solar panels have been installed by Homeco. We are busy choosing bathroom and kitchen fittings.

March 2023

Construction is moving round from the three storey apartment block through the first range of houses, and on to the Common House and the second range of houses. Our Build Engagement Team representing members is regularly on site with our professional advisers to monitor the build and discuss issues with Oakworth Homes.

Putting the roof on the Common House
General view from apartments 22 March 2023
General view 22 March 2023
Houses 6 – 9 from the field below
The apartment block from the field below

February 2023

By the end of February, all the groundwork and foundations are in place. The apartment block has three floors, and second floors are going in on the houses and Common House. Some interior panels are being installed.

Brick cladding for flats begins

Units 6 – 9 taken from roof of flats

Apartment block from the field below
Diggers continue to work on foundations for remaining units

Second floors to houses and Common House

8 February 2023

Looking down on first floor of houses 6 – 9
Common house, plots 6-9 and apartment block from below
Plots 6-9 and rear of Common House
Looking down on apartment block; top floor walls to go on next
Inside ground floor apartment
Inside first floor apartment
Common house

Plots 1-5

January 2023

Progress continues rapidly despite high winds and freezing temperatures

31 January – panels assembled in factory being added to flats

The ground floor apartments get walls

25 January visit to Oakworth’s factory

A few of us visited Oakworth’s factory to see the frameworks for the flats being assembled

Constructing roof trusses for the houses

Wood preordered and stacked in the yard
Floor joists – synthetic wool fibre provides insulation between the joists
110mm insulation sealed into panels
Fabric seals insulation into panels to make an airtight seal between adjoining panels

23 January visit

Panels are being slotted into the apartment block, the foundations for houses on plots 6, 7 8 and 9 and the Common House are now in place and levelled. Foundations for houses in the second range now being dug and concreted.

Foundations levelled for Plots 6 and 7 and the Common House
The shell of the flats
A view of the inside of the flats at the Five Rivers Cohousing Build
Inside the flats

Early January

Scaffolding for the apartment block is now in place, awaiting the timber frames, and we already have foundations for the first range of housing.

December 2022

The build started early in December and steady progress was made, despite seasonally cold weather.

At the entrance to the site
Putting up the boundary fence before boarding out the site
Marking out the foundations for the first phase of the build
Five Rivers Cohousing members as construction starts on site
Members mark the start of building works on the cohousing project December 2022
Digging in
Craig Pygall from Oakworth Homes pointing out the foundations for the flats and the first phase of houses

Foundations in progress despite the wintry weather
Work continues on the foundations of the apartment block

Making progress on the foundations of the Common House