Five Rivers is a cohousing project – our aim is to encourage neighbourliness and to share resources to keep our costs down and reduce our impact on the environment. We are non profit making.

There are a growing number of cohousing communities in the UK – take a look to see what living in a cohousing project might be like.

The UK Cohousing Network provides wealth of information about cohousing as well as a guide to existing and developing cohousing projects in the UK. It’s a good idea to browse through the directory of UK cohousing project, and check out their websites for a better picture of the complexity and benefits of living as a member of a co housing community.

A key feature of our project as with most cohousing communities is the Common House . We intend our Common House to include a kitchen and dining room where residents can choose to eat together regularly. We are also planning guest rooms, office space for the project, a quiet room a laundry, a tool store etc.  Guest rooms in the common house may allow people to choose a house with fewer bedrooms, saving them money. We are also considering whether we can offer facilities to our neighbours in the local community.

Cohousing has many benefits as these article and talks illustrate:

Family experiences in cohousing – a film made by Forgebank, a cohousing project near Lancaster

Cohousing as an antidote to loneliness – an academic study

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