If you are interested in the opportunity to buy a unit at Five Rivers Cohousing please email us for our Information Pack. As of September 2023 there a no opportunities for rental as Share Instead has filled all the vacancies for the Cooperative.

You can look at our precedent leases here. They outline more specifically and technically what your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder will be, including any arrangements for resale in the future.

Recruitment 2023

In this development phase, we are really keen to talk to anyone thinking of joining us as soon as possible so we can develop the scheme together. Once you are in touch with us we will set up an opportunity for you to meet some or all of us in person or on line. You will receive invitations and links to our on line Friday afternoon zoom cafes . You will also get the opportunity to meet one or two of us online, or in person, so we can find out more about you, and you can find out more about us so we can work together on developing a successful housing scheme. Please also take the time to find out as much as you can about Cohousing and the Policies and Agreements we are developing to help us in Living Well Together

The Zoom Cafes for anyone interested in joining are on Fridays on a regular basis from 17:30 – 18:30 – if you contact us you will receive the dates of the next meetings and zoom links.

We would love the project to be intergenerational. Take a look at our information for parents and carers for an idea of what it might be like to bring up children in a cohousing project in this area of Sheffield.

We are also gathering answers to Frequently Asked Question

You can also look at our Application Form here . This will give you a chance to begin thinking about what is involved in joining and living in a co housing project. Please do not send in the Application Form without being in touch with us and meeting us.

All our meetings are held in COVID 19 safe conditions and with a view to being as open and accessible as possible.

Support Us : You can support us by offering us skills, enthusiasm or loans to develop this challenging project – email us to discuss what you would like to offer and to find out how you can get involved