We are delighted to be able to offer some rental accommodation through the partnership we have confirmed with Share Instead, a well established Sheffield Housing Cooperative.

Share Instead started as a housing co-op in Sheffield in 2012, and after 10 successful years in a big, Victorian terraced house, the co-op is now joining forces with Five Rivers Cohousing to enable the offer of some rented accommodation in new, eco-sensitive flats in Wisewood, S6.

Share Instead will retain its cooperative structure within Five Rivers Cohousing including its membership of the Radical Routes network.

Rentals will be kept low enough to be covered by Housing Benefit if claimed. All members of Share Instead will of course be full members of the wider cohousing project with equal access to decision making, shared spaces and so on.

Anyone wanting to live in Share Instead at Five Rivers will need to become a member of Five Rivers Cohousing alongside being considered as a member of Share Instead as well.

As of September 2023 there are no vacancies for rental through the coop. The members are now meeting regularly to get to know each other and plan for moving in to their new homes


Find out more about Share Instead::

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Find out more about housing cooperatives in general from Shelter:

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Opportunity to support affordable rented housing

Share Instead Housing Co-operative, through its partnership with Five Rivers Cohousing, is buying three of the flats in our development. They will be available at affordable rent, and the co-op now needs more investment to enable this. 

If you are interested please contact Share Instead for full details and their offer document:

For full details, including the offer document, contact them on shareinstead@gmail.com

Share Instead Housing Co-operative Limited is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.  Registry number: 31563R