We are hugely grateful for all the support we have been given so far to help us to get this far – enormous thanks to all those who have helped us already with information, ideas, emotional support and hard cash in the form of supporter loans. Supporter loans are currently more important than ever as we approach completion.

Financing reductions in carbon footprints and affordable accommodation.

We are still looking for more support to enable us to provide more affordable accommodation and to finance further reductions in our carbon footprints. If Five Rivers sounds like a project you’d like to support, financially or in other practical ways, we would love to hear from you .

Just send an email to us to discuss what you can offer and we will put you on our Supporters List. We will keep you updated on our progress and discuss with you any ways you think you could help us.

Opportunity to support affordable rented housing

Share Instead Housing Co-operative, through its partnership with Five Rivers Cohousing, is buying three of the flats in our development. They will be available at affordable rent, and the co-op now needs more investment to enable this. 

For more details of what they have on offer contact them on shareinstead@gmail.com

Share Instead Housing Co-operative Limited is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.  Registry number: 31563R

Supporters Newsletter May 2022

Invitation to support Five Rivers Cohousing Sep 2022