We have needed and will continue to need significant professional and technical support to help us keep our complex project on track.

Our main design and build contract is with a local firm, Oakworth Homes

They are working with various subcontractors including Midland Renewables who will install the air source heat pumpbs

Solar panels on the houses will be installed by Homeco and on the Common House through a partnership with Sheffield Renewables

To help us through the initial phases of the project, we employed a Development Consultant with significant experience of cohousing development, Adam Broadway, of Instinctively Green

The major loan we have to cover the design and build costs has been negotiated with the Ecology Building Society.

We are employing an Employer’s Agent, David Titterton, a Construction Consultant from Mascot Management to advise us on the technical side of the Build Contract with Oakworth Homes. David has significant experience of working with other cohousing projects. We also employ a Construction Site Quality Inspector with significant expertise in low energy and sustainable design Dan Bilton of Bilton Design.

We contract with Wrigleys Solicitors for legal services. Wrigleys have a wide range of local and national experience with cohousing and cooperative businesses.

Our professional accountancy services are provided by Stuart Croft, Chartered Accountant of Allen, West and Foster.

We employ a financial consultant with considerable experience in the housing development world as well as direct personal experience of cohousing, Oliver Chamberlain.